As promised, I’m here to announce the giveaways I’m holding! I am hosting a rerun of this giveaway until July 10, 2021!

There’s a lot going on in the world now and many would appreciate being able to spare a dollar or two on purchases. I hope whoever wins my giveaway has their wallets eased, even just by a bit, by the gift cards I’m giving away.

I’ve decided to host two different giveaways for everyone to join. Double the chances at a gift card! Each giveaway will have ONE (1) winner who will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card. To join the giveaways please follow the mechanics below:

Giveaway #1

Enter your email and get a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Please use this Giveaway Entry form.

    • All email entries will automatically be subscribed to my newsletter.

Giveaway #2

Leave a review for Drifting: Book 1 on Goodreads and get a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Take a screenshot of your review and drop your Goodreads URL in the comments section of a Facebook post and I’ll be confirming if your account left a review under the book.

Reviews left behind as entries must fit with the Goodreads Review Policy. They do not need to be positive nor is there a star rating that must be considered. All reviews left will be counted as an entry. I encourage everyone who would like to join the giveaway to leave a raw and honest review so that I can know the public opinion on my work as well as work on improving myself and my future releases.

    • Chosen reviews may also be added as an editorial review on the book’s Amazon Page.

While joining both giveaways can get you a chance at TWO (2) different gift cards, Giveaway #2 entries will only be valid with an accompanying Giveaway #1 entry. After entering the required details for Giveaway #1, details including the links needed for Giveaway #2 will be sent via email. 

Hurry over to the giveaway form and enter your details! Good luck and I hope you win yourself an Amazon Gift Card!

Both giveaways will end in 5 DAYS

RE-RUN ON JULY 1-10, 2021