Patreon Payment Schedule now MONTHLY !!!

I’ve got good news for everyone! I’ve made a few changes to my Patreon creator account.

After making DRIFTING Book 1 and CURSED TO LOVE FREE on all platforms, I have also made the equivalent content on Patreon available to the public. In addition, once other eBooks go live on Amazon, Nook, iBooks, etc. for free, I will also make the equivalent chapters available on Patreon viewable to the public.

It’s not only that! I have also changed the payment schedule on Patreon. Patrons will now be charged upfront upon selecting a tier and will also be charged their pledge monthly. With this new payment schedule, my tiers have also changed accordingly. Listed below are the new tiers along with the benefits patrons will receive:

  • Drifter ($1.00 starting pledge)
    • Access to ALL available DRIFTING chapters
  • Doctor ($1.00 starting pledge)
    • Access to ALL DOCTORS IN LOVE chapters
  • Fan ($3.00 starting pledge)
    • Access to ALL available chapters of DRIFTING and DOCTORS IN LOVE
    • Access to drafted outlines of any incoming chapters or books

Chapters of my books will be released on Patreon weeks or possibly even months before they will be published elsewhere. Patron posts will be published according to this release schedule.

On another note, I now have all of DRIFTING Book 2 chapters out for patrons. Those who are excited to read the continuation of Nadia and Thomas’s story can hurry over now to my Patreon!