Book 1 of the new Paranormal Romance Series, Drifting, by Noe Segal. Read the story of Nadia and Thomas as they explore the capabilities of Drifting.

A new metaphysical phenomenon brings together a researcher and her new patient for a thrilling paranormal romantic experience.

Dr. Nadia Markoff leads the scientific community in the study of a new metaphysical phenomenon known as Drifting. It is a form of astral projection that can see into the recent past, present, and future of an individual and has become a hot topic in the world of science. Drifters, as she calls them, are able to project their consciousness elsewhere while they sleep.
After an unexpected incident occurs during her live demonstration, she meets Thomas, a young and handsome walking contradiction to all the research results she had prided herself in. What started as a paranormal romance quickly escalates into thrilling suspense as a new movement, called the “anti-drifters”, starts riots endangering everything Nadia has worked hard on.
When Nadia finds her attraction to Thomas is much stronger than it should be, she must decide on what’s more important — her research or her heart?

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 Reviews from Readers’ Favorite


Amy Louise Hill for Readers’ Favorite (5 stars)­

“Drifting: Book 1 by Noe Segel is a story based on the paranormal. The main character, Dr. Nadia Markoff, studies the brains of paranormally gifted people. During one of her live demonstrations, she meets a guy who puts her in a bit of a tricky situation. Who is this guy? And what effect does he have on Nadia?

Drifting by Noe Segel is a short but sweet book about the paranormal. It follows the main character Nadia who focuses her entire research on gifted people. The plot puts you straight into the action and you soon get an idea of what exactly drifting is. I found Drifting to be thrilling, fast-paced, and creative. Noe has spent time and effort on making the storyline strong and believable. There are many films and books based on the paranormal, and it has been told in every way possible, but the way Noe Segel has written Drifting is a new take on the subject entirely. I certainly haven’t come across anything like it and I was interested to see what drifting meant in this particular story.

I loved how Noe included a romance element in the story because that just made it more indulgent; it had me eager to turn over the next page. This is the first book of the series and the story ends with a cliff-hanger. I will surely be on the look-out for book 2 because I am excited to find out what happens next. I recommend Drifting to anyone who has a passion for either romance or the paranormal because any of the two will have you interested in this book.”


Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite (5 stars)­

“In Drifting by Noe Segal, Dr. Nadia Markoff is a leading researcher in a breakthrough scientific phenomenon known as Drifting, where a chosen few are able to project their self-consciousness onto others while they sleep. Drifters have also been known to predict the future as well as recall historical events. As Nadia demonstrates to a live audience, she is approached by a handsome stranger called Thomas Cochran who has been a Drifter since childhood. Nadia is not only drawn to him physically but she also realizes how much her research will benefit from Thomas’s help. She convinces Thomas to be the face of her research, in the hope it will encourage others to come out of the shadows and live openly as Drifters. Thomas agrees, in spite of a new group of dangerous anti-drifters whose goal is to seek out and harm Drifters. As the anti-Drifters begin to riot in the streets, Nadia’s and Thomas’s safety is in danger. Nadia must decide whether Thomas’s life is more important than her research.

I was immediately intrigued by the concept of the unique plot in Drifting by Noe Segal. The story grabbed my attention from the outset. I loved Nadia, she made such the perfect protagonist. Her intelligence coupled with her kind and caring persona was a perfect blend. I do not think she realized how beautiful she was and this made her even more likable. Thomas’s personality seemed to mirror Nadia’s, they seemed such a perfect match. I loved the chemistry between them but their relationship developed gradually which I liked. I found the tension and action superb as they played a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the violent group of anti-Drifters. The climax at the live event was so gripping and exciting and the cliffhanger ending definitely left me wanting to know what happens next. What will Nadia decide? I cannot wait for Book 2.”


Rylanne Burdette for Readers’ Favorite (4 stars)­

“Drifting by Noe Segal is a fast-paced and intriguing paranormal story about Nadia, a woman who has spent years researching drifting and the people who have the ability to drift. Drifters are often treated poorly because of their abilities, so Nadia wants to go public with her research and make a better world for them. During a seminar, she meets Thomas, a drifter who was abandoned by his family at a young age because of his powers. He and Nadia begin working together, but when a group of anti-drifters attempts to sabotage Nadia’s work, Thomas gets put in danger, and neither knows what will happen next.

I really enjoyed Drifting and thought Noe Segal created a really unique world in this story. The cover immediately drew me in, and I am super happy with what I read! Drifting was a great mix of romance and sci-fi with paranormal aspects. Although I would have loved to see more romance, I can see why Segal decided to slowly develop the relationship between the two main characters rather than jump right into it, as this is only the first book in a series. Drifting was a quick read that kept me interested, and I loved Nadia’s determination regarding her job and research. It had thrilling elements to it as the anti-drifters executed their plans, and I really enjoyed this development. Overall, this was a great read, and I cannot wait to see how Segal develops the story in future installments.

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