Friends who live similar lives as stressed-out doctors, suddenly get a curse-like warning about their non-existent romantic relations. Check out the first book of the new Doctors in Love Series.

A first meeting between two distressed individuals leads to an undeniable attraction despite all odds.

Love drives perfectly rational people insane.

Sexy ER doctor Riel Jones has vowed to never fall in love.

Love has other plans.

Riel is a workaholic and has no time for love. So, of course, he is skeptical when his friend announces that her aunt has cursed all the participants of their doctor-filled group chat to fall in love within 6 months. The last thing the doctor expects is to fall for his feisty, beautiful, and down-on-her-luck tenant, Donna Myers.

Donna has had a few hard knocks throughout her life but is determined to turn her life around. When the sexy doctor offers her help, she cannot help but look twice at the man despite dating a man who promised her marriage.  

This story is of an unlikely yet powerful attraction between a man with a need to control the uncontrollable and a woman determined to play it safe. But are the feelings between them truly love or the work of magic?

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