Book 1

A new metaphysical phenomenon brings together a researcher and her new patient for a thrilling paranormal romantic experience.

Cursed To Love

Doctors in Love Series Book 1

A first meeting between two distressed individuals leads to an undeniable attraction despite all odds.

About Me

In his home in Oklahoma, Noe Segal has always had his fill of romance reads. And as a biology major, he has always had an interest in the scientific mysteries and theories of the world. Taking the pen into their own hands, Noe Segal brings new books with heart-throbbing romance and science-fiction for you to enjoy.

Drifting by Noe Segal is a short but sweet book about the paranormal. It follows the main character Nadia who focuses her entire research on gifted people. The plot puts you straight into the action and you soon get an idea of what exactly drifting is. I found Drifting to be thrilling, fast-paced, and creative. Noe has spent time and effort on making the storyline strong and believable. There are many films and books based on the paranormal, and it has been told in every way possible, but the way Noe Segal has written Drifting is a new take on the subject entirely. I certainly haven’t come across anything like it and I was interested to see what drifting meant in this particular story.


Amy Hill @ Readers’ Favorite


Drifting Book 1
Release 03-03-21



Cursed To Love
Release 03-10-21


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Book 2

Nadia and Thomas are kept apart and threatened with hostilities beyond their imagination.

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